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Madani Channel Application

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About "Madani Channel Application"

Madani channel application has multi dimensions features with live update facility. The core substance is live Madani Channel 24 x 7 x 365 day’s transmission. From NetRadio service user can listen live Madani Channel with additional three others recorded channels (Quran, Farze Ulhoom course and Naats’). By marquee service user may update regular Dawat-e-Islami activities with latest products and website updates. In programs menu thousands of Madani Channel programs, Madani Muzakre, and Albums are available, which may also search with different criteria’s. Dawat-e-Islami regular news service is accessible from news menu; where written and video both can be access. In addition thousands of images, latest programs list, software products are also part of this application. The most important feature is social network sharing option from which user may share define service as well email. Via contact us page user may email with specific department for feedback. And all of Madani Channel transmission schedule is available with date wise sorting.

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